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It doesn't happen by accident. Creating interesting segues between popular songs with similar beats takes serious skill and a ton of talent. This is where LALINEA band shines. When the dance floor is full and the song is almost over, LALINEA band never lets the music stop. Instead, we use beat matching to maintain the rhythm, so dancers keep moving. LALINEA band makes sure everybody has a good time.  LALINEA band's sets include some Latin, Top 40, Classic Rock, Pop, Dance, Electronic House Music and more...  



The music known today as 'Latin music' had its beginnings in Cuba in the 1800s. Latin band influences, however, did not begin to enter mainstream American popular music until the 1930's. During the 1950's and 1960's these influences became particularly strong with Latin band music and Latin dances such as the mambo, cha-cha-cha, samba, and the bossa nova becoming extremely popular.

Latin bands are large, and can sometimes have as many as twenty-five pieces, including brass and wind instruments, piano, an upright bass, 'trap drums', four or five saxophones, three or four trumpets, and one or more trombones. A wide variety of Latin percussion instruments also flavor the music. Conga drums, claves, and maracas are the best known percussion instruments.  You do not have to hire a full Latin band. With LALINEA band you can choose from quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, or 'conjuntos' (combos).  We play all types of Latin music - everything from a mix of Afro-Cuban music, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, and more. 


TOP 40 

If you're looking for today's most trendy music, Top 40  can provide it. The Top 40 list actually started as a radio show in 1970 hosted by Casey Kasem. Today, Top 40 music is still some of the most popular. That's why event planners and individuals alike look for a Top 40 band. Top 40 music is practically guaranteed to get your guests up and on the dance floor. Anniversaries, weddings, graduations, bar and bat mitzvahs, and more are all popular occasions for booking Top 40 bands. Whether it's songs from today or decades past, everybody loves Top 40 music!


The fun of pop music happens when people join in. Short for "popular music," pop music (or just "pop") consists of catchy lyrics, a simple tune, a dance-worthy beat and a repetitive structure that makes for easy remembrance. Pop music has long caused commotion in the industry. Remember Elvis and the Beatles tours in the 50s, 60s and 70s? Now you can cause a commotion at your next event with pop music that brings back your favorite songs from artists like, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, The Police, Pitbull, Shakira, Bruno Mars, and countless others. If it hit the top 40, we play it!



Music is essentially a time capsule. As we look back over the decades, we can hear and experience the emotion of each era through its music. The 1960s were filled with turmoil from wars and assassinations. But this time period was also vital for the creation of new musical styles. From Motown's first Top 100 hit "Shop Around" to the British Invasion of the English pop sound to Pink Floyd's psychedelic rock, classic rock bands of the 60s were truly innovative and ingenious. The same can be said for the 70s with the introduction of hard rock, the 80s with disco and rap, and the 90s with its teen pop, glam metal and hip hop. Classic rock groups bring back the feelings and memories we cling tightly to which always makes for a successful event. 


Acoustic bands don't hide behind amps or pedals. Instead, an acoustic band delivers intimate and evocative music straight from their souls and strings. Acoustic rock bands blend rock with folk, Americana and more to create something entirely new and honest. MTV's "Unplugged" series was one of the channel’s most watched shows because it showcased arena-sized artists playing intimate acoustic sets. Acoustic bands also have the advantage of requiring significantly less gear than their electric counterparts. Whether you are looking for a band for your wedding or your backyard barbeque, acoustic bands can be a perfect fit for your event.​


There's already enough stress involved when planning special events. Hiring LALINEA band should fulfill a need, not add to the chaos.

 booking  us to help ensure you haven't forgotten a thing. With a complete list of questions to ask and things to do before your event, you'll be fully prepared and confident that your entertainment needs have been taken care of. 

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